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Welcome to our online store specializing in the purchase of THCV products in France .

At Eleven THC , we are delighted to provide you with a full range of premium quality products, all at competitive prices.

Choose from various modes of consumption, ranging from our THCV Flowers to THCV Resins , including THCV Gummies , THCV Pre-Rolls , THCV Vapes , and THCV Oils . To learn more about our THCV products , we invite you to discover the details below.

We offer fast and free delivery within 24/48 hours for orders from €39 .

Our specialized THCV stores in France

Eleven THC can deliver THCV products anywhere in France.

  • THCV store in Paris
  • THCV store in Marseille
  • THCV store in Montpellier
  • THCV store in Lyon
  • THCV store in Toulouse
  • THCV store in Nice
  • THCV store in Nantes
  • THCV store in Strasbourg
  • THCV store in Bordeaux

Purchase of oils in our THCV stores in France

Applying our THCV oils is an easy and versatile process.

You can use them by placing them directly under the tongue for rapid absorption, mixing them with your favorite drinks, incorporating them into your meals, or even incorporating them into your skin care routine for easy application. topical.

Try ourfull spectrum THCV Oil today !

Discover our THCV Oils

Purchase of Resins in our THCV stores in France

Our THCV resins are the result of a precise selection of the most exceptional cannabis varieties, chosen specifically for their high THCV concentration.

Each batch undergoes rigorous quality checks to preserve purity and potency, providing you with a premium product.

Try our THCP/THCV hybrid resin “Kryptonite” today

Discover our THCV resins

Buying flowers in our THCV stores in France

Buying THCV flowers from us means you have access to a range of carefully selected strains, each offering a unique sensory experience and specific benefits. Whether you are looking for energizing, soothing, or other beneficial effects , our diverse selection will meet your needs.

Purchase of gummies in our THCV stores in France

Our THCV gummies are designed to provide you with a dose of natural energy, promoting concentration and mental alertness. Whether for a busy day or to stimulate your creativity, our THCV gummies can be a valuable ally.

Purchase pre-rolls in our THCV stores in France

Our THCV pre-rolls are designed to provide you with a convenient and enjoyable consumption experience. With their ease of use and exceptional taste, they will allow you to savor every moment without hassle.

Whether you want to relax alone or share friendly moments with friends, our THCV pre-rolls are the ideal option for a memorable experience.

Purchase of Vapes & Puffs in our THCV stores in France

Our THCV vapes are specially designed for a convenient and discreet consumption experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of THCV with ease, no matter where you are.

Whether you want to relax after a busy day or simply enjoy the benefits of THCV at your convenience, our vapes are your perfect companion to meet your needs .

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