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In Paris , our store is the reference address for all lovers of well-being and intense relaxation, with our unique selection of products. Whether you are looking for flowers , oils , resins , vapes, gummies , and pre-rolls , you will find quality products with us, from the best American and European cultures designed to meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. Our team is expert in CBD and cannabinoids in general.

Discover a detailed overview of our H4CBD products below, and don't forget that we also offer fast and free delivery within 24/48 hours from 39€ of purchases.

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  • 13,90€ 8,99€ Aphrodisiac H4CBD Gummies | 35mg
    Bag of 3 candies
  • How to buy H4CBD in our store in Paris?

    When you want to buy H4CBD , we advise you to:

    1. Make sure that the seller has a company with general conditions of sale available , in order to be able to file a complaint and return the product if necessary. (Ours: terms and conditions )

    2. Check that the products have a certificate of analysis and traceability, in order to be able to trace the origin and quality of the product. (Ask our customer service)

    3. Examine the appearance of the products and their odors, especially for H4CBD flowers . Like many other types of H4CBD products, they have an expiration date, after which the product is less flavorful and less potent.

    4. Discuss with the seller to receive sound advice on consumption, particularly in terms of choice of product and its dosage. Check reviews on Google and other social networks. Nowadays, multiple pages such as Google My Business give you the opportunity to access the reputation of the H4CBD store in Paris in one click.

    At Eleven THC, we are particularly keen to respond to all the points mentioned above. For example, we only choose producers recognized for the high-end quality of their products. The vast majority of our H4CBD product catalog comes from Europe. We are completely transparent about the origin and composition of our products , and make all the certificates available if the consumer wishes to consult them.

    What advice can you get in our H4CBD store in Paris?

    In our H4CBD shop , you will find people passionate about new cannabinoids who will be able to answer all your questions, including:

    Which H4CBD product is best suited to my needs?
    Who can consume H4CBD?
    How is H4CBD extracted?
    Is the consumption of H4CBD legal?
    What are the benefits of H4CBD?

    Buy H4CBD flowers in our store in Paris

    The H4CBD flowers available in our store in Paris are carefully selected to offer you an unparalleled experience of relaxation and well-being.

    With varieties with unique and exclusive aromas, ranging from indoor and greenhouse H4CBD flowers , you will find here in our H4CBD store in Paris the best flowers from Ile de France.

    Discover our H4CBD flowers

    Buy gummies in our H4CBD store in Paris

    Our H4CBD gummies available in our Paris store are unique in France. Gummies are the healthiest way to consume these cannabinoids.

    Choose from several flavors and concentrations. Perfect for those who prefer more enjoyable methods of consumption.

    Enjoy our 30mg H4CBD aphrodisiac gummies today

    Discover our H4CBD gummies

    Buy pre-rolls in our H4CBD stores in Paris

    Our H4CBD pre-rolls are ready to use, meaning you can enjoy them without having to worry about assembly.

    Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or share a friendly moment with friends, our H4CBD pre-rolls are the perfect solution.

    Enjoy our 75% H4CBD pre-rolls today

    Discover our H4CBD Pre-Rolls

    Buy Vapes & Puffs in our H4CBD store in Paris

    Our range of H4CBD vapes and puffs in Paris is designed to give you a quick and discreet effect . Discover our e-liquids available in different flavors and concentrations to satisfy all tastes.

    Try our 95% THCP/H4CBD vape today

    Discover our H4CBD Vapes & Puffs

    Buy the best H4CBD oils in Paris

    The H4CBD oils that we have in our Paris store are made with superior quality ingredients to guarantee the most intense and powerful experience possible.

    Enjoy the benefits by using them for relaxing massages, incorporating them into your favorite recipes or consuming them directly under the tongue .

    Buy Resin in our H4CBD store in Paris

    At Eleven THC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. Our H4CBD resins reflect our dedication to providing the highest quality products, produced in accordance with the strictest standards .

    In our H4CBD store in Paris , discover the fascinating world of H4CBD thanks to our resins, and treat yourself to an unrivaled experience of well-being and relaxation .

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